CFP: ARTis ON 7, Issue: Art & Power

Deadline: Sep 15, 2018

The new issue of ARTis ON will focus on ART & POWER. These theme is related to both present and past, which raises numerous questions that transcend cultural and temporal boundaries.

In a dynamic of reciprocity, but also of great paradox, the relation between art and power can be as alliance but also as contestation, given the power and communicational effectiveness that art, in its various domains, holds. From fine arts to architecture, through music, theater, literature or cinema, it is therefore essential understand the context in which each work of art is created and displayed, as well as the impact on public opinion and society, on a transtemporal approach that considers all its period of existence.

The relation between art and power can thus be analyzed in multiple contexts and perspectives taking into account aspects such as: the political implications of artists and artworks; art as a tool of political propaganda; expressions of power in the image of cities; art as an ideal of freedom of its creator with high anti-establishment potential; ; women artists versus a male history of art; the statutes of patrons, collectors, gallery owners, antique dealers and other agents of the art market; art as a commodity; conceptual, material and technical evolutions associated with the intervention power of art; or the power of the art by appropriating the iconoclastic gestures directed against itself, as in contemporary art.

Those are all aspects that the new issue of ARTis ON intends to address, challenging researchers to adopt a broad approach to the theme Art & Power, but also of the Art Power over the centuries until today.

Will also be accepted small articles for the Varia section, as well as research notes, news, interviews and recensions, which will not have to be subordinated to the central theme of the journal.

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