CFP: Changing Hands: When Art History Meets the Art Market, TIAMSA CAA 2018

Changing Hands: When Art History Meets the Art Market

Through case studies, this session proposes to consider how the art market has adapted, expanded and at times significantly clashed with modern and contemporary art practices as artworks have changed hands.  Papers should illuminate how issues relating to fabrication, re-fabrication and conservation have challenged traditional conceptions of authenticity and authorship, redefined connoisseurship and set precedents for both institutional and private collectors.
We hope that papers will also attempt to assess how the art market may have affected these issues.

  • Under what conditions have artists disavowed works, for example Donald Judd’s renunciation of works fabricated by Giuseppe Panza, Cady Noland’s disavowal of Cowboys Milking and Log Cabin and Bruce Connor’s disavowal and subsequent reinstatement of CHILD?
  • Conversely, how have artists maintained authorship over multiple versions or remakes of their work as they have been sold? How has the unprecedented presence of living artists in the market changed and challenged the marketplace?

This session encourages papers reflecting a variety of perspectives, including but not limited to art historians, conservators, visual arts lawyers, collectors, dealers, curators and artists. It will also provide a forum for discussion of the intersection of theory and practice, as disconnects between them are often illuminated as art changes hands.

See the call for participation (.pdf).

Your proposal should be emailed to Véronique Chagnon-Burke (VChagnon-Burke(at) and Julie Reiss (JReiss(at)
Papers are due by August 14, 2017.