CFP: Colnaghi Studies Journal

Colnaghi Studies Journal is published biannually by the Colnaghi Foundation, and produced by the Athena Art Foundation. Its purpose is to publish texts on significant pre-twentieth-century artworks that have recently come to light or about which new research is underway, as well as on the history of their circulation and collection. Colnaghi Studies Journal is currently accepting submissions for future volumes.

Deadline: 18 Oct 2021

Articles should highlight new discoveries or current research relating to important artworks produced in – or as a direct response to – the European tradition, in the periods from Antiquity to the mid-nineteenth century. The journal welcomes articles relating to a variety of objects, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, decorative arts, and textiles, as well as the history of their collection and conservation. Texts should be largely object focused and place artworks within the broader context of the culture and period in which they were produced, providing visual analysis and high-quality comparative images.

Manuscripts will be reviewed by members of the journal’s Editorial Committee, composed of specialists covering a wide range of fields, periods and geographic areas. Texts should be between 1000 and 10,000 words (including endnotes) and include between five and fifteen illustrations, depending on the length of the article. The author of each article is responsible for obtaining all photographic material and reproduction rights. We will endeavour to help early career and independent scholars cover the cost of image licenses. Each author will receive a hard copy of the volume in which his or her article appears.

Please send submissions to and visit the Foundation’s website at for style guidelines.