CFP: Exhibiting Animals in the Long Nineteenth Century

Join us at the 2019 Universities Art Association of Canada (UAAC) in Quebec City, from October 24-28, 2019!

Animals, both wild and domesticated, were regularly exhibited during the long nineteenth century. They appeared on canvas and as sculpture in fine art exhibitions; as public art works marking fair grounds, parks, and zoos; mounted through the art of taxidermy; and live in circus performances, rodeos, and at agricultural fairs. Some animals—usually those known for their performance abilities, noteworthy value, or bloodlines—appear in named portraits, while others functioned as type, to evoke particular emotions, or to communicate societal values and attitudes about these non-human beings. This session invites papers from scholars interested in exploring the current state of animal studies and the representation of animals in an exhibitionary context.

Please submit your proposal by May 31, 2019. 

Full submission information and forms may be found at the UAAC website: