CONF: Surrealismes 2021 – Worldwide Virtual Conference Event (International Society for the Study of Surrealism, online / around the clock, 11-14 Nov 2021)

The ISSS invites you to join the virtual conference Surrealisms 2021, hosted by the International Society for the Study of Surrealism, November 11-14, 2021. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ISSS remains committed to its mission of establishing, maintaining, and expanding connections and networks of surrealism scholars, writers, and artists around the world and across disciplines and languages. 

Surrealisms 2021 assembles scholars and artists from around the world and in multiple languages as on online conference marathon. True to the spirit of surrealism as a world movement without a single locus but with many local centers amplifying the message of collective activity “sans frontières,” Surrealisms 2021 calls upon the international membership of the ISSS for local action and global reach.

We have an exciting line-up of panels, roundtables, gallery tours, discussions, and pre-recorded artistic submissions featuring artists and scholars from all around the world.

Sessions will be recorded and available to registered attendees for two weeks after the conference.
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Selected ISSS conference pay scale (please see registration page for full list of options):
Auditor: Non-participating attendance $25.00
Group rate (auditor only): classes/groups (10 remaining) $125.00
Student/Independent Registration + Membership renewal $60.00
Conference Registration and ISSS membership renewal (employed full-time) $115.00

ISSS Programming Committee:
Nadia Albaladejo García, Waterford Institute of Technology (Ireland)
Maria Clara Bernal, Universidad de Los Andes – Bogotá (Colombia)
Catherine Hansen, University of Tokyo (Japan)
Natalya Lusty, University of Melbourne (Australia)
Judith Noble, Plymouth College of Art (UK)
Kristoffer Noheden, Stockholm University (Sweden)
Raymond Spiteri, Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)
With ex officio ISSS Boardmembers:
Jonathan Eburne, Pennsylvania State University (USA)
Elliott H. King, Washington and Lee University (USA)
Effie Rentzou, Princeton University (USA)
Abigail Susik, Willamette University (USA)
Pierre Taminiaux, Georgetown University (USA)


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Thursday, 11 November 
Panel : Welcome 
Welcome Session 
Chaired by: Dr. Jonathan Paul Eburne

Workshop : Mediating Surrealist Art 

How to mediate Surrealism? 
» Ms. Julia Freiboth, Ms. Jari Ortwig, Ms. Irmgard Schifferdecker 
The 1940 International Surrealist Exhibition in Mexico City: a milestone for the Mexican Modern Art 
» Mrs. Ilse Vollbrechthausen 
Beyond-Historiographical Reflections on Surrealism in Sweden 
» Dr. Andrea Kollnitz 
Title needed 
» Prof. Adam Jolles

Panel : Surrealism, Charles Fourier and the Right to be Lazy! 
Chaired by: Dr. Abigail Susik

Infrastructures of Passion: Fourier Today 
» Dr. Kieran Aarons, Mx. Hugh Farrell 
Chicago Surrealism, L’Écart absolu, and Fourier 
» Ms. Penelope Rosemont 
Walter Benjamin, Fourier, and the Kingdom of Freedom
» Dr. Michael Löwy
The ‘Klapheck computer’: Deregulated Machines and Surrealist Sabotage in the 1960s
» Dr. Abigail Susik

Panel : Cartographie du mur de l’atelier du 42, rue Fontaine
Chaired by: Prof. Kate Conley

André Breton: hermaphroditic objects and surrealism?
» Prof. Fabrice Flahutez
Night Dancing and Surrealist Collections
» Prof. Kate Conley
Title needed
» Dr. Anne Foucault

Panel : Natural Histories of Technique

A Dandy Lion in Paris: Surrealist flânerie and the collaged streetscape in Une semaine de bonté (1934)
» Dr. Allan Madden
Imaginative Excavation: Theodor W. Adorno’s Concept of Technique and Max Ernst’s Natural History Series
» Dr. Justin Neville Kaushall
Jackson Pollock’s ‘Psychoanalytic’ Drawings – some legacies, private and public
» Mr. Murray Rosen

Panel : Table ronde: Le signifiant de l’exil dans le Surréalisme d’Après- Guerre

Chaired by: Mr. Laurent Doucet
Le signifiant de l’exil dans le Surréalisme d’Après-Guerre
» Mr. Laurent Doucet, Mr. Clément GAËSLER, Ms. Christine Haller, Ms. Maria-Rosa Lehman

Panel : Look Again!

Some Contemporary Re-looking
» Prof. Mary Ann CAWS
Maud Bonneaud Westerdahl: la historia de una surrealista/ Maud Bonneaud-Westerdahl: the history of a surrealist artist
» Dr. Angeles Gómez
Puppetry in the Collages and Assemblages of Sergei Parajanov
» Mrs. Alvard Semirjyan

Panel : Toyen
Chaired by: Dr. Karla Huebner

Toyen and Myth
» Dr. Karla Huebner
The semiotics of Desire: Toyen’s erotic illustration and language
» Ms. Barbora Kraml
Toyen and the Gold of Friendship
» Mr. Jay Cruikshank

Panel : Celebrating Edmund Carpenter at 100: indigenous legacies via Surrealist collectors

Chaired by: Mr. Sean Mooney
Celebrating Edmund Carpenter at 100: indigenous legacies via Surrealist collectors
» Mr. Sean Mooney, Mr. Mark Siegeltuch, Mr. Chuna McIntyre

Panel : Surrealism and the Global South

Transformational Possibilities: Paranoiac Knowledges and Postcolonial Surreality
» Dr. Eugene de Klerk
The Testimony of L’Afrique fantôme: Michel Leiris’ Ethnographic Diary as Witness and Confession
» Dr. Kirsten Strom

Artificial Hells: Surrealist counter-mapping in the art of Eugenia Lim and James Nguyen
» Dr. Jaime Tsai

Panel : Roundtable: Exhibiting Surrealisjm in Aotearoa New Zealand
Chaired by: Dr. Raymond Spiteri

Exhibiting Surrealism in Aotearoa New Zealand 
» Dr. Raymond Spiteri, Ms. Lizzie Bisley, Dr. Gregory Minissale

Friday, 12 November 
Panel : Surrealism in the Archiv der Avantgarden (Archive of the Avant- Gardes) 
Chaired by: Dr. Karin Müller-Kelwing

From Surrealism to Blockhaus 
» Dr. Rudolf Fischer 
Archival Material to Study the History of Global Surrealism 
» Dr. Przemyslaw Strozek 
Searching for traces: Joan Miró and his network 
» Dr. Karin Müller-Kelwing 
An unfinished business 
» Dr. Marcelo Rezende 
Discovering Surrealism in the AdA 
» Dr. Stefanie Recsko, Dr. Nils Hilkenbach

Panel : Emeralds Roaring, Obsidian Butterflies: Mexico and Nature 
Chaired by: Dr. Terri Geis

Title needed 
» Dr. Victoria Ferentinou 
A Surrealist Morphology of El Paricutín: Wolfgang Paalen, Roberto Matta, Gunther Gerzso and the Birth of a New Volcano in Mexico 
» Dr. Daniel Garza Usabiaga 
Las Pozas: A Surrealist-Gothic Ecology 
» Dr. Donna Roberts 
Traveling the Strange Magic Ocean: Women Artists/Environmentalists in Mexico 
» Dr. Terri Geis

Panel : Surrealism and the Spaces of the Unconscious 

“A Bird in the Room”. Dystopian Dreamscapes in the Work of Kay Sage 
» Ms. Jennifer Jäger 
Where All Is Subject: Surrealism and Panpsychism 
» Dr. Kristoffer Noheden 
La Clef des Songes: dream machine against homogenous fascist aesthetics 
» Ms. Jessica Passos

Panel : Roundtable: Earth as a Desert: Surrealism and Ecology (revisited) 
Chaired by: Dr. Iveta Slavkova

Earth as a Desert: Surrealism and Ecology (revisited) 
» Dr. Iveta Slavkova, Dr. Anne Marie Butler, Dr. Donna Roberts, Dr. Christina Heflin, Dr. Julia Drost, Dr. Samantha Kavky

Panel : Styling the Material Self 
Chaired by: Dr. Nadia Albaladejo

Remedios Varo: Surrealist Fashionista 
» Dr. Nadia Albaladejo 
‘My head inside a bird cage’: Costume and Surrealism in the diaries of Anaïs Nin 
» Ms. Josie Cray 
Leonor Fini: Flesh as textile; textile as flesh 
» Dr. Rachael Grew 
Bonaventure (1977) by Bona de Mandiargues: The Intermedial Poetics of Surrealist Self-Portraiture 
» Ms. Brianna Mullin

Workshop : Salvador Dalí’s Surrealisms 
Chaired by: Dr. Miguel Escribano

Salvador Dalí’s surrealisms. 
» Dr. Miguel Escribano 
The Dalí Museum in Florida 
» Dr. William Jeffett 
Salvador Dali’s Surrealisms 
» Dr. Elliott King 
Crisalida — Surreal, Therapeutic, Anti-constructionalist Paranoiac- Critical Architecture 
» Dr. Simon Weir 
Dalí y Breton. Encuentros y desencuentros 
» Dr. Vicent Santamaria 
» Prof. Dawn Ades

Panel : Announcements 
ISSS News, Announcements 
Chaired by: Dr. Jonathan Paul Eburne and Prof. Effie Rentzou

Panel : The Geopolitics of Contemporary Surrealisms 

Surrealist Impulses in Modern and Contemporary Tunisian Art 
» Dr. Anne Marie Butler 
Surrealism and the Real of Slavery: An Intervention with Kara Walker 
» Prof. Merrill Cole 
Surrealpolitik: Surreality and the National Security State 
» Dr. John Schoneboom

Panel : Surrealism’s Photographic Statements 

» Prof. Susan Laxton 
Dyn’s Photographic Vernacular 
» Dr. Erin McClenathan 
The function and fate of the found object in exhibition photography between 1914 and 1936. 
» Mr. Jonathan Auld

Panel : Urban Literary Surrealism and the Making of Queer New York 
Chaired by: Prof. Natalya Lusty

American Urban Surrealism: Hart Crane’s The Bridge 
» Prof. Paul Giles 
Kathy Acker’s Downtown Surreal 
» Prof. Natalya Lusty 
Homorendition and Pleasurable (Dis)orientations in Charles Henri Ford and Parker Tyler’s The Young and Evil (1933) 
» Mr. Dylan Rowen

Panel : Machines Don’t Care: Architecture, Drawing, and the Surrealist Machine 
Chaired by: Prof. Michael Chapman

Automatism and Automatons: Playing the Exquisite Corpse with Drawing Machines 
» Dr. Timothy Burke 
The Surrealist Allegorical Architectural Project: Architecture, the Machine, and the Dystopian Condition 
» Prof. Daniel K Brown 
Passionless Beauty of a Great Machine: The Intersections of New Photography and the City in the Work of Max Dupain 
» Mr. Peter Fisher 
Drawing In: The sentient receptacle, wearable brain-imaging and drawing traces. 
» Dr. Marissa Lindquist 
Given Even 
» Mr. Jack Murray 
Dysfunctionalism: machines of love and hate. 
» Prof. Michael Chapman

Saturday, 13 November 
Workshop (90 minutes): Dream Salon participatory performance with discussion and painting of an attendee’s dream 
» Dr. Julia Lockheart, Prof. Mark Blagrove 
The performative painting of healthworkers’ and keyworkers’ Covid-19 pandemic dreams 
» Dr. Julia Lockheart

Panel : Le marché de l’art surréaliste en Europe 
Chaired by: Dr. Alice Ensabella

Le marché de l’art surréaliste en Europe 
» Dr. Alice Ensabella, Dr. Caterina Caputo, Dr. domenica angela sanna, Dr. Virginie Devillez 
Le marché de l’art surréaliste en Angleterre dans les années trente : galeries, marchands et collectionneurs 
» Dr. Caterina Caputo 
La circulation du surréalisme et de son héritage dans le Milan d’après-guerre 
» Dr. domenica angela sanna 
Les débuts du marché du surréalisme en Belgique (1924-1932) 
» Dr. Virginie Devillez

Panel : Virtual Tour and Roundtable: Surrealism Beyond Borders 
Chaired by: Dr. Stephanie D’Alessandro

Surrealism Beyond Borders 
» Dr. Stephanie D’Alessandro, Dr. Matthew Gale, Dr. Lauren Rosati, Dr. Sean O’Hanlan

Panel : Surrealist Art Histories 
Chaired by: Dr. William Atkin

Michel Leiris and Francis Bacon: Head to Head 
» Dr. Catherine Howe 
Surrealism, Modern Art and the Creative Act in the Early Writings of Alain Jouffroy, 1956-1961 
» Dr. William Atkin 
“Magic Powers of the Pictures”: Mazhar ??evket ??p??iro??lu and the Surrealist Method 
» Ms. Ambra D’Antone 
Magic Art or the History of Art Upturned? Reappraising L’Art magique 
» Dr. Michael Richardson

Panel : Archives non frontières du surréalisme 

Le site André Breton, Archives internationales du surréalisme ? 
» Dr. Constance Krebs 
La revue Clé, une tentative d’art international surréaliste (ou non ?) 
» Mr. Antoine Poisson

Panel : Magical Tales: Women Artists, Surrealism & Latin America 
Chaired by: Prof. Alyce Mahon

Maria Martin’s Amazonia 
» Prof. Alyce Mahon 
Madness and the Mythic: Surrealism and Hybridity in the Work of Violeta Parra 
» Dr. Lorna Dillon 
Queering colonial power relations: Lydia Cabrera’s tales of the Afro-Cuban Marvellous 
» Dr. Andrea Gremels 
Leonora Carrington (1917-2011): Painting as the “Nonverbal Part of Magic” 
» Ms. Helen Bremm 
Syncretic Vitalism in Rosana Paulino’s Archetypes 
» Dr. sofia gotti

Panel : Surrealismo y sus apropiaciones en las Américas 

¡Swinging Sixties! Surrealismo y vanguardias en el México de los 60 
» Ms. Célia Stara 
La (re)apropiación del método paranoico-crítico de Salvador Dalí en La tortuga ecuestre de César Moro 
» Mr. José Mori 
Surrealismo en la imagen y la palabra de Héctor Rojas Herazo 
» Mrs. Alejandra García Herrera

Panel : Surrealist Research-Creation 

Wearing My Last Skin 
» Dr. K. A. Laity 
Diving to The Cinema Beneath the Lake: a novel as immersive synthetic-magical exploration of the surrealist prose of Claude Cahun, Ithell Colquhoun and Leonora Carrington. 
» Mr. Stephen Sunderland 
Esthetiques radicales: a Conversation 
» Prof. Pierre Taminiaux, Prof. fabrice flahutez

Panel : Messianic Surrealisms 
Chaired by: Prof. Roger Rothman

Tiny Surrealisms: Dali, Yiddish Poetry, and Post Holocaust Dead 
» Dr. Michael Williamson 
Liberation Beyond Nation: Breton’s Ode to Charles Fourier 
» Prof. Barrett Watten 
‘A Philosophical Fortinbras’: Walter Benjamin’s Surrealist Legacy 
» Ms. Sofia Cumming

Panel : Surrealist Environments 
Chaired by: Dr. Adam McKee

The Surreal City: Paris Peasant, Last Nights of Paris, and Surrealist Psychogeography 
» Dr. Adam McKee 
Walter Benjamin’s New Media Surrealism 
» Prof. Barry Faulk 
For a New Paris: China Miéville’s Antifa Surrealism 
» Dr. Blake Stricklin

Panel : Un-Musing the Creative Imagination

Dorothea Tanning’s Mermaid Imagination 
» Dr. Victoria Carruthers 
Resurrecting Nadja: Surrealism, Movement, and Madness in Emily Holmes Coleman’s The Shutter of Snow and Leonora Carrington’s Down Below 
» Dr. Kimberly Coates 
Legitimizing the ‘Lady of the Glove’: A Justification of Lise Deharme’s Rule-Breaking Role in the French Surrealist Movement 
» Ms. Kimberly Bressler

Sunday, 14 November 
Panel : Roundtable: The Inner Space Exploration Unit 
Chaired by: Prof. Judith Noble

The Inner Space Exploration Unit 
» Prof. Judith Noble, Mr. Ethan Pennell, Dr. James Riley, Dr. Yvonne Salmon, Prof. Dominic Shepherd, Mr. Terence Maughan

Panel : Présentation de l’œuvre écrit de Leonora Carrington 
Chaired by: Dr. Karla Segura

Segura Pantoja – “Présentation de l’œuvre écrit de Leonora Carrington” 
» Dr. Karla Segura, Mrs. Laurence Loutre-Barbier

Panel : Feminist-Surrealist Adaptations and Rewritings 
Chaired by: Dr. Anna Watz

Maternal Eroticism: Leonor Fini’s Mourmour, conte pour enfants velus 
» Dr. Anna Watz 
Breakfast in Marble: Meret Oppenheim’s Kaspar Hauser oder Die Goldene Freiheit 
» Prof. Patricia Allmer 
Travelling Incognito: When Men Rewrite Leonora Carrington 
» Dr. Catriona McAra 
A Bloody Abyss: Valentine Penrose, Interpretation and the Historical Novel” 
» Dr. Felicity Gee, Dr. Anna Watz

Panel : Creolizing Surrealism in the Americas

Romantic Transplants: Surrealist Landscapes in the Americas
» Dr. Samantha Kavky
Hybrid surrealisms and surrealist legacies in the Antilles
» Dr. Tessel Bauduin
The same and the different. Art, life and political passion as reflected by the friendship between Frida Kahlo and Tina Modotti
» Dr. Teresa Lucia Cicciarella

Panel : Disorienting Objects/Subjects 
Chaired by: Prof. Effie Rentzou

Perverse utility: Surrealist furniture of the late 1930s 
» Prof. Krzysztof Fijalkowski 
(Dis)orientations: a queer analysis of mythology and artistic identity within women’s surrealism 
» Ms. Isabelle Pyle 
Surrealist Mannequins 
» Prof. Effie Rentzou

Panel : Sentient Landscapes

The Secret of the Northern Lights: A Foray into Surrealism’s Polar Marvelous 
» Ms. Vittoria Lion 
Visions of Exteriority: Nature, Aesthetics, and Politics within the Surrealist Group of Madrid 
» Dr. Ana Marques 
Diabolical deserts: Encountering an EcoGothic wilderness in Dorothea Tanning’s surrealist novel Chasm: A Weekend (2004). 
» Ms. Karen Eckersley

Panel : Les aventures de la réception surréaliste 

André Breton et Giordano Falzoni: autour d’une amitié et pour l’histoire du surréalisme en Italie (1960-1970) 
» Dr. Teresa Nocita 
La réception du surréalisme au prisme du personnalisme dans le milieu littéraire et artistique québécois 1934-48 : une modernité pas très (anti)catholique 
» Dr. Christian Roy

Panel : Magical Operations 

Immanence and Enigma in Ithell Colquhoun’s Occult Surrealism 
» Mr. Charles Clements 
The Tarot of Leonora Carrington 
» Dr. Susan Aberth 
Mina Loy and the Reinvention of Surrealist Black Magic 
» Ms. Jennifer Ashby

Panel : Cinematic Passages

The Persistence of Animism in Film 
» Mr. Jim Lastra 
The Passage of Time in Dreams: An analysis of Time in Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí’s Un Chien Andalou. 
» Dr. Diego Sosa 
Unwatchably Strange: Surrealism in the Cinema of the Greek Weird Wave 
» Prof. Janice Loreck

Panel : Ab/Proto/An/Am— Dada Prodigies in the U.S. 

“Dada Prodigies of Black”: Bob Kaufman’s Abomunist Manifesto and The San Francisco Scene 
» Prof. Daniel Katz 
Mina Loy’s Proto-Surrealist Poetics 
» Dr. Yasna BOZHKOVA 
“Marcel Duchamp: insolent anartist- from the shadows, creating mischief on both sides of the Atlantic” 
» Prof. James McManus 
“To be or not to be…American”: Simulating Racial Difference with Arthur Cravan and Jack Johnson 
» Mr. Austin Hancock

Panel : Closing 
ISSS Closing Remarks 
Chaired by: Prof. Effie Rentzou