CFP: UAAC: Perspectives on the Dutch Golden Age. Quebec 24-27 Oct. 2019

Call for Papers: Session at Universities Art Association of Canada Annual Meeting, Quebec City, QC, 24-27 October 2019.
Deadline: 31 May 2019

Perspectives on the Dutch Golden Age
This session aims to explore the historiography and reception of Dutch art produced in the period c. 1575-1700: how artists, admirers, and critics from the seventeenth century to the present have responded to art of the era known as the “Dutch Golden Age”. We welcome case studies that reflect on topics such as: theoretical appraisals of Dutch art and artists; literary adaptations of artists’ lives for the popular audience; print reproductions of Dutch painting in the 18th and 19th centuries; emulation of Dutch artists in 19th century France;  the rediscovery of Vermeer and Frans Hals; poetic responses to Dutch art; the changing reception of Rembrandt and other artists; Dutch art through the lens of methodologies such as feminism or post-colonialism; the collecting and connoisseurship of Dutch art in Canada and elsewhere; and other themes. 

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Book Out Now: Peter Carpreau, The Value of Taste

The Value of Taste
Auction Prices and the Evolution of Taste in Dutch and
Flemish Golden Age Painting (1642–2011)

by Peter Carpreau

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Collectors and Dealers Series (HMCD 3)

approx. 295 p., 82 b/w tables, 220 x 280 mm, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-909400-48-1
Languages: English
The publication is available.The publication is available.
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Taste is a well known but largely underestimated phenomenon. Yet it is one of the factors that has shaped our knowledge and view of art. Why is Rembrandt van Rijn today considered to be one of the greatest painters in European art while Gerard de Lairesse, Rembrandt’s younger contemporary and one of the best-selling painters of his day, is now forgotten?

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