TIAMSA Member News: Asian Art: The Formation of Collections – Journal for Art Market Studies, Vol. 4, No. 2, 2020 (open access)

Twelve essays of a newly published issue of the Journal for Art Market Studies, guest edited by TIAMSA Member Christine Howald, together with Alexander Hofmann (both Staatliche Museen zu Berlin) and Prof. Nick Pearce (University of Glasgow), considers developments in the international art trade of East Asian art after the forced opening of China and Japan. In the wake of these events of the middle of the 19th century, thousands of artworks and cultural artefacts found their way into western collections.

1. Editorial

2. Christine Howald, Alexander Hofmann, Nick Pearce: Introduction

3. Nick Pearce: A Nestorian Misadventure: Frits Holm and the Chinese Nestorian Stele

4. Haoyang Zhao: Art Historical and Provenance Research in a Case Study of Huangchao Liqi Tushi

5. Kate Hill: Enamels “Ancient” and “Rare”: The “Summer Palace” Market in Imperial England

6. Niklas Leverenz: The Looting of the Winter Palace in Peking in 1900-1901

7. Eline van den Berg: The Princessehof collection of Chinese ceramics from the former Dutch East Indies

8. Lucie Chopard: Chinese Porcelain enters the Louvre: A Collector, his Dealers, and the Parisian Art Market (c. 1870-1912)

9. Noelle Giuffrida: Provenance Research on Chinese Paintings in American Collections of the 1950s: Sherman E. Lee, Walter Hochstadter, and the Cleveland Museum of Art

10. Najiba Choudhury: Seizures and Liquidation Sales in the United States during World War II: Tracking the Fate of Japanese Art Dealership, Yamanaka & Company, Inc

11. Nathalie Neumann/Felix Ganz: Project Report – The Reconstruction of the Art Collection of Felix Ganz (1869-1944)

12. Ulrich Weitz: Project Report – Recently identified Asian Objects from the Eduard & Margaret Fuchs collection