TIAMSA Members Announcement: A Warm Welcome to TIAMSA’s new Coordinators!

The TIAMSA Board is very happy to welcome our new Coordinators, Sharon Dowley (based in Australia) and Inna Schill (based in Switzerland). Inna and Sharon have already done very much for us during their recent internships. They now replace Nirmalie Mulloli, who – for the last two years – has wonderfully supported TIAMSA as our Coordinator. Nirmalie has not only taken care of much of TIAMSA’s daily business, she has also very efficiently seen through several initiatives, among them the streamlining of our announcements, the acquisition of blog posts, and the re-design of our website. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Nirmalie and wish her all the best!

We look forward very much to working with Inna and Sharon. Apart from taking care of much of our daily business, Sharon and Inna are currently developing new ideas to further extend TIAMSA’s reach. As they go forward, Inna and Sharon are always happy to hear from you about any concerns, questions or suggestions that you might have with respect to our association. They are best reached through their e-mail addresses: sharon.dowley@artmarketstudies.org / inna.schill@artmarketstudies.org.

Sharon Dowley is a PHD student, content producer and freelance writer, with a background in arts administration and arts editorial. She has an Honours Degree in Art History and postgraduate qualifications in Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime from the University of Glasgow. Currently with the Australian National University, her research focus is on private collecting practices and the Southeast Asian antiquities trade. She is interested in ideas around cultural heritage value and visibility, repatriation, legal and ethical issues surrounding ownership of cultural objects, antiquities trafficking, art theft, forgery – and the passion of collecting. Prior roles have included Administration Manager with the Biennale of Sydney, Gallery Guide with Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art and Editorial Coordinator / Photo Researcher with the arts and culture pages of a national newspaper.

Inna Schill studied Economics, Ancient History, and Art History at the University of Basel, Switzerland. She has focused on art market research ever since working part-time at Sotheby’s in Zurich and organising Swiss Art Sales. She holds a Master in Arts & Heritage Policy, Management, and Education from the Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Inna’s research focus on the relationship between art and corporate institutions led her back to Switzerland, where she joined the Art Basel’s global team, overseeing press and media relations in Basel, Hong Kong, and Miami Beach. Today, Inna is Director of PR and Brand Development of a creative agency, bringing together art and global consumer brands. She is Co-Founder and Executive Director at FAM, a networking platform for women* in the arts sector in Basel and beyond.