TIAMSA News: EXH: Five Years of Avant-Garde: Helmut Rywelski’s ‘art intermedia’, Cologne 1967-1972 (ZADIK @ Art Cologne, 17-21 Nov 2021, Hall 11.1 / C-039)

This exhibition at the upcoming ART COLOGNE 2021, organized by the ZADIK – Zentralarchiv für deutsche und internationale Kunstmarktforschung (Central Archive for German and International Art Market Studies), will focus on the Cologne gallery owner Helmut Rywelski, who caused furore between 1967 and 1972 with his ‘art intermedia’ gallery and his critique of the commercial art business.

For more information see: www.artcologne.de/aussteller-art-cologne/sonderschauen/zadik

Caption: Helmut Rywelski in the exhibition KONKRETE KRITIK with prints from the portfolio “Die verbesserte Olympia-Edition”, Galerie art intermedia, Cologne, Dec. 3, 1971, photo: Anita Kloten, ZADIK Bestand A103