CONF: New Media Art Archiving, ISEA2020 – Montreal, online (16 Oct 20)

Open Summit on New Media Art Archiving, ISEA2020 (16 Oct 20)
Montreal, online, 16 October 2020.

Commencing soon: 1pm Montreal / 6pm London / 7pm Vienna / 1am (tues) HK / 4am (tues) Melbourne

Organised by the archives of: SIGGRAPH Digital Art Show, Archive of Digital Art (ADA), Ars Electronica, ISEAAll sessions via ISEA2020
– except Break-out & Concluding sessions

Close to 500 leading experts and the most influential institutions in the field of new media and electronic arts were signatories to “MEDIA ART NEEDS GLOBAL NETWORKED ORGANISATION & SUPPORT” ( aka The Liverpool Declaration.

Functioning as a mission statement, the Liverpool Declaration serves as a foundation for further action that was already being discussed at the 25th International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2019), in Gwangju, Republic of Korea. A group of like-minded colleagues discussed approaches towards the problems and potential of the archiving of new media art. The overwhelming attendance to this meeting stressed the growing need for collaboration, structure and funding.

As a next step, at ISEA2020, a full day networking summit will be coordinated by the ISEA online Symposium Archives, the Archive of Digital Art, the Ars Electronica Archive, and SIGGRAPH Digital Art Show Archive. Aims of this summit are to discuss roads towards realizing the Liverpool Declaration goals related to Media Art Archiving collaboration, funding and formats.

Our goal is to support research, documentation and preservation of digital art by:
a.) developing international archive-research infrastructures, similar to those already available in the natural sciences
b.) contributing to development of infrastructures with museums, which are interested in bringing the art of our time into their collections through concerted networks of scholarly and mostly technological expertise. So that relatively small museums can also deal with the very demanding challenge.

As a global phenomenon, which deals with such topics as digitization, digital culture and post-digital societies, digital art is an essential part of our Digital Cultural Heritage. Due to the ephemerality of its technologies, it challenges traditional conservation and archiving practices. New paths for documenting our contemporary art within a long-time preservation strategy are needed. This includes co-creative and large-scale infrastructures between all the involved stakeholders.



8-9am Montreal / 1-2pm London / 2-3pm Vienna / 8-9pm HK / 11-12am Melbourne

– Archiving Australian Media Arts: Towards a method and a national collection
Rodrigo Guzman SERRANO (HK)
– A History of the Internet through MoMA’s Exhibition Sites. Web-Archiving Art Content at NYARC.
– Archiving and Researching Media Art in Israel: Challenges, Innovative Solutions, and Potential International Collaborations.
Vladlena GROMOVA (RU)
– A Database of Interdisciplinary Art in Russia.

9-10:20am Montreal / 2-3:20pm London / 3-4:20pm Vienna / 9-10:20pm HK / 12-1:20am (Tues) Melbourne

Oliver GRAU (AT)
– Museum-Network Digital Arts: For a concerted Collection, Documentation and Conservation Strategy (Including intro to ADA).
Christina RADNER (AT)
– The Ars Electronica Archives. 9.41-9.46 a.m.
– The SIGGRAPH Digital Art Show Archives.
Wim van der PLAS (NL) & Bonnie MITCHELL (US)
The ISEA Symposium Archives.

10:20-11:15am Montreal / 3:20-4:15pm London / 4:20-5:15pm Vienna / 10:20-11:15pm HK / 1:20-2:15am (tues) Melbourne

– ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base.
Camille BAKER (UK)
– Brief history of STARTS and STARTS related EU policy overview.
– VR as a Preservation and Simulation Tool for Media Artwork Installations.

11:15-12:10pm Montreal / 4:15-5:10pm London / 5:15-6:10pm Vienna / 11:15-12:10am (tues) HK / 2:15-3:10am (tues) Melbourne

– Digital Art Festival, Biennial Of Digital Art and Labcult (UFMG/PPGCI).
Elisa Arca JARQUE (PE)
– ePPA: Space/ Platform for Audiovisual preservation
Bertrand GERVAIS (CA)
– Carving out a Path: Building Research and Knowledge environments (RKE) in a Digital Culture

12:10-12:45pm Montreal / 5:15-6:10pm London / 6:15-7:10pm Vienna / 12:15-1:10am (tues) HK / 3:15-4:10am (tues) Melbourne

– Preservation Begins at Creation: An Embedded Digital Archivist Within the University of Windsor’s School of Creative Arts.
Byeongwon HA (US)
– Archiving Interactive Art for Art Practitioners and Theorists.

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1-2:30pm Montreal / 6-7:30pm London / 7-8:30pm Vienna / 1-2:30am (tues) HK / 4-5:30am (tues) Melbourne

Connecting New Media Art Archives (Moderated by Bonnie Mitchell)
Creating Ties to Musea (Moderated by Wendy COONES)
Funding for New Media Art Archives (Brainstorm, Networking for Fundraising Strategies) (Moderated by Oliver GRAU)

2:35-4pm Montreal / 7:35-9pm London / 8:35-10pm Vienna / 2:35-4am (tues) HK / 5:35-7am (tues) Melbourne
Creating a roadmap towards the goals of the Liverpool Declaration