PUBL: Bloomsbury Art Markets – Content Update with almost 1000 additional entries on art galleries, dealers, fairs and auction houses

Bloomsbury Publishing is pleased to announce the most recent content update for Bloomsbury Art Markets – Protagonists, Networks, Provenances. The latest update expands this ground-breaking scholarly hub for art trade research with over 980 articles, comprising new entries on galleries, art dealers, art fairs and auction houses. 

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‘Betty Parsons Gallery (USA, 1946–1983)’ by Deirdre Robson, is available as a free sample article:

‘Dealing with art: Bloomsbury Art Markets live webinar and expert panel’ host experts Dr Véronique Chagnon-Burke, Prof Anne Helmreich and Dr Johannes Nathan on the subject of art history from the 1900s to the present, exploring women art dealers and the art market as an ecosystem. Watch this live recording of 10-minute talks for insights into the expanding field of art market studies and provenance research, demonstrating Bloomsbury Art Markets:

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