TIAMSA Live Book Discussion No. 2: Diana J. Kostyrko: The Journal of a Transatlantic Art Dealer: René Gimpel 1918-1939, Turnhout & London, Harvey Miller/Brepols, 2017.

Every year an impressive number of books dedicated to the art markets are published. Keeping pace with this flow of publications is not necessarily easy, neither is it simple to know in advance if a book is going to be of interest for a potential reader. Book launches may have a promotional character and reviews of books usually take a long time to materialize.

TIAMSA has therefore launched a new initiative called the “Live book discussion”. The format of the event is the following: the author will have 15 minutes to present his/her book and then two scholars will discuss the books’ merits but also interact with the author to go deeper into the book’s approach and contents for 25 minutes. This will be followed by a Q&A session, with a moderator guaranteeing the smooth flow of questions.

TIAMSA will do its utmost to provide members with a promotional discount for the book.

TIAMSA is excited to announce its second Live book discussion on Saturday 15 May 202111:00am CET

Diana J. Kostyrko: The Journal of a Transatlantic Art Dealer: René Gimpel 1918-1939, Turnhout & London, Harvey Miller/Brepols, 2017. [Kostyrko pronounced KOS-TURKO]

ABSTRACT:The learned Franco-American poet and critic, Édouard Roditi, a “feared reviewer of literary works”, predicted that René Gimpel’s Journal d’un collectionneur would be a futur classique. Three years later, in 1966, Roditi was forced to concede that it had “failed to impress influential French critics of literature or of the arts” and, instead, it seemed to appeal to a few historians and gossip-columnists. Now, amid a small avalanche of timely studies on Euro-American art dealers, harbingers and arbiters of the transatlantic art market, perhaps Gimpel’s journal finds its natural home. Diana Kostyrko examines the Gimpel journal in her monograph, The Journal of a Transatlantic Art Dealer, published with Harvey Miller in 2017, and concludes that the journal’s value is its broad yet intimate cultural sweep, which still resonates with readers of all stripes.

To attend, please register with TIAMSA Coordinator Sharon Dowley at Sharon.dowley@artmarketstudies.org


Diana Kostyrko is a cultural historian with the Research School of Humanities and the Arts at the Australian National University. As an undergraduate, Kostyrko was excited to discover René Albert Gimpel’s Diary of an Art Dealer in the university’s library, and immediately knew she wanted to research it as a thesis; she didn’t get her chance until 2001. She now feels privileged to be able to discuss her work, from a great distance, with members of TIAMSA and its vibrant community of scholars.